DoorDash Survey Shows More than 60 Per Cent of Canadian Dashers Would Stop Dashing if Flexible Working Hours Were Taken Away

February 28, 2023

The survey shows nearly two-thirds of Dashers say they deliver on the app to supplement an income from another full or part-time job

Today DoorDash is releasing findings from a new survey, conducted by Pollara Strategic Insights, which gathered responses from a random sample of 3,413 Dashers from across Canada. The results find that the majority of Dashers highly value flexibility and would stop delivering on the app if the independence of their work was taken away.

The survey shows that the most common reason for choosing to deliver with DoorDash is that Dashers have the ability to set their own hours (61%).

Against the backdrop of proposed government changes to the gig economy that risk Dashers’ ability to earn flexibly, the majority of Dashers say that they would stop delivering on the app if they couldn’t choose the days or times they worked (62%), couldn’t stop working when they wanted to (62%), couldn’t choose how much or how little they work (60%), or if they weren’t free to turn down orders they didn’t want to take (54%).

“The response from Canadian Dashers is overwhelmingly clear -- they choose this work for the flexibility and independence it offers,” says Dan Arnold of Pollara Strategic Insights. “Whetherthey are doing deliveries to supplement another source of income or to reach a specific financialgoal, this survey shows that they want to be able to earn this additional income on their ownterms.”

“At DoorDash, we are committed to receiving direct feedback from our Dashers so we can ensure that the platform continues to meet their needs.” says Brian Kaufmann, Head of Canada Policy and Government Relations at DoorDash. “The results from this latest survey, in additionto feedback gathered from groups like our Dasher Advisory Group, help us get a clearer pictureof why people are choosing to Dash and how we can best support them.”

In 2022, more than 250,000 Canadians earned income on the DoorDash app. The average Dasher spent fewer than three hours per week on delivery on the app on a quarterly basis, and earned an average of more than $27 per hour while delivering. The survey shows nearly two-thirds (65%) of Dashers say they dash to supplement an income from another full or part-time job.

"As a business owner, sometimes you need to be able to supplement your income when times are tough. That's why I decided to start Dashing when I wasn't working at the thrift store that my husband and I own,” says Dasher Beverly Van Essen. “Dashing allows me to choose my ownhours, be my own boss and still be able to run a business -- which is ultimately the flexibility Ineed.”

Findings come from a survey fielded by Pollara between October 11th and 24th, 2022. A random selection of Canadian Dashers was invited to take the survey, and 3,413 completed it. Overall results are accurate to ± 1.7%, 19 times out of 20.

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Source: DoorDash